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Read Review. Best Free Employee Monitoring Software. SoftActivity Monitor. What to Expect in Employee monitoring is a sensitive subject, and there are varying rules and regulations from state to state.

Our Methodology To help you find the best employee monitoring software, we researched and analyzed dozens of companies. Summary Teramind is comprehensive and intuitive employee monitoring software that includes all the essential features, like webpage and program tracking, keystroke monitoring, screenshots, and live chat monitoring. It is versatile and easy to use.

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Its price tag is on the high end among the software we reviewed, but the quality certainly justifies the price. If it's in your budget, Teramind will not only effectively keep tabs on your employees' behavior but make it easy for you to monitor it as well.

Summary SentryPC is our best pick for small businesses because it offers employee monitoring software at a competitive rate without cutting corners on features. It is easy to learn and use, and it includes the essential tools like email monitoring, inactivity alerts and data loss prevention measures. Its pricing model is unique in that it allows you to purchase one license on an annual basis and then additional licenses at a significantly discounted rate. Each license provides access to the full functionality of the software without restricting any features.

Summary ActivTrak offers a free version of its software to monitor up to three users, making it a great option for very small businesses that want the capabilities of an employee monitoring software without paying for more than they need. ActivTrak is an intuitive program with a modern user interface and the most important features we looked for in our review.

The paid version unlocks advanced features as well, including USB device detection, a security audit feature and a remote agent installer, all useful for administrators managing the platform. However, the free version has more than enough features for a small office to get started monitoring their employees and ultimately determine whether paying for an employee monitoring solution is worth the investment.

Top 20 Best Employee Monitoring Software 2019

Summary ContentProtect Professional is our best pick for employee monitoring software specifically for filtering online content. Content filters warn users before they access questionable content or prohibit users from accessing specific content altogether. ContentProtect has a flexible and easy-to-use content filter that gives administrators a strong degree of control over the online content users can and cannot access. It also notifies administrators any time a user attempts to work their way around the filters to a blocked webpage. Summary SoftActivity Monitor is our best pick for employee monitoring software for internet management — not only for its useful activity monitoring and content filtering features, but also because of its productivity tools and useful reporting features.

SoftActivity Monitor can monitor every facet of employees' online activities. It captures and logs web browsing, email, live chat and social media activity in an easy-to-review format. It also provides a real-time feed from a user's display to a central dashboard, allowing administrators to take a live look into employee behavior. Full List.

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Services InterGuard InterGuard's employee monitoring software aims to gauge productivity, as well as employee compliance with legal guidelines and company policy. NetVizor NetVizor focuses on keeping employees on task and productive. It monitors their web browsing, application usage, and social media platforms for distractions and time-wasting. OsMonitor OsMonitor offers admins insight into employees' screens in real time, as well as the ability to block specific content, such as unwanted websites or video games. Pearl Echo. Suite Pearl Echo.

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Unless you want a user to know, ActivTrak is invisible. Up-to-date and virus-free computers have no issues running ActivTrak. It will not slow your computer down. ActivTrak does not have a keylogger feature. Internet Monitoring Software that keylogs is sometimes classified as a virus by antivirus programs.

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We want things to run smoothly for you, so ActivTrak intentionally does not record or monitor keystrokes. This allows us to stay on the safe lists of all popular antivirus software. For all applications, ActivTrak records the title bar text, but for browsers, it collects data fields including the full URL, IP Address, meta descriptions and much more.

You can also build reports based on Active Directory groups of users or computers. Just simply install the Agent on the server. It will monitor each session under Terminal Services. We charge per user, not per computer or workstation, so you pay only for active employees and not machines that sit idle or have no assigned user.

Monitoring Your Workforce

ActivTrak senses mouse and keyboard movement and determines if a user session is inactive, so that actual application usage time is reported in the log and reflected in the statistics. By default, if a workstation is without user input for two minutes, it is considered idle. Every ActivTrak account comes with a remote Agent installation tool.

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It allows you to remotely install your ActivTrak Agent on other computers on your Active Directory network. Just install the Remote Installer. Point it to your Agent. Then point it to one of the computers on your network and press Install. You can also use it to uninstall. The remote installer will only work if you are on a Microsoft Active Directory Network. It will not work for standalone or workgrouped computers such as those running Windows Home version.

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You must have admin rights over the computer that will receive the Agent. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Remote Installer. FREE for small businesses. FREE for small teams. Search for:. Need Assistance? All rights reserved. WorkTime is a registered trademark of NesterSoft Inc.